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 FAQ About Dogs of War

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PostSubject: FAQ About Dogs of War   Mon Jun 11, 2007 7:09 pm

Frequently Asked Questions About Dogs of War

1. What requirements do I have to meet in order to join Dogs of War on

There are no requirements. The Dogs of War Clan is an open clan to anyone willing to sport the Dogs of War [DOW] name. If you would like to join the clan, you may do so by contacting a member of the clan on Warrock OR by simply registering your name on the forum.

2. What type of obligations will I have to the clan?

We ask that members attend the Storyline Event held by 1sghero. The only obligation that members have is to maintain a roster topic that allows the members and forum staff to keep your stats up-to-date in the clan database. Officers, of course, have more obligations.

3. What am I suppose to do if I do not get along with a fellow officer or member of the clan?

If you do not get along with a fellow member of the clan send a private message to the group called Officers, doing so will tell inform the officers of the potential problem. A formal compliant will be logged for all officers in the future to see. If the problem is about an officer, please send directly to either ninjant or 1sghero.

4. If I decide to leave the clan and pursue another one, what will happen?

If you decide to leave the clan, you will lose all your ribbons and medals given to you by the Dogs of War Clan. You will also become uneligiable for an officer position. Yes, we will be sad of your depature from the clan, but we are not forcing any member to stay against their will. If you do leave our clan, please send a message to the officers so your account can be deleted from the member list.

5. What type of clan events can I expect in the clan?

Besides the story line events, officers will hold clan oriented games including but not limited to: Colt Wars, Rocket Wars, Chariot Races, Battle of the Sexes, etc. These type of events will be announced a week in advance in the clan newsletter. Typically they are held during the week in the afternoon. You will not be punished for not attending. You may also view these events in the Lecture Hall.

6. Why isn't my account working?

All account activations are done by the member and you will be unable to log onto the forum until you activate your account. Check your email to activate it. Accounts are activated by the adminstation once a week (Saturdays). If your account is not activated it will be activated that day.


If you have any questions you would like submitted to the clan, please feel free to ask here. All questions will be answered promptly. However, you must join the clan in order to respond. Sorry for the inconvience.

Dogs of War Officer - Sergeant Ninja NT
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FAQ About Dogs of War
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